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Nara: Gorgeous hiking trail to Mt. Yoshino in cherry blossom

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Mt. Yoshino in Nara Prefecture is famous for the largest cherry blossoms in Japan over a vast area, and is a popular spot where you can go back and forth for a day trip. The route from the Shimosenbon area, which is closest to the entrance, to the Okusenbon, which is at the far end of the mountain, allows you to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms with different views in each area.

The cherry blossoms of Yoshinoyama, which have been known and cherished by people as a famous place for cherry blossoms about 1300 years ago, have about 200 types of cherry blossoms, including the cherry blossoms of Shiroyama (up to 30,000 trees). It is a place that has been carefully protected for a long time and has appeared in many songs and poems.