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Nagano: Hiking Mt. Tate, one of Japan's three sacred mountains

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Tateyama, one of the three major sacred mountains in Japan, is a mountain that many people have long admired and worshiped. The charm of the Tateyama mountain range seen from the Toyama Plain is a peaceful view for Toyama citizens.

Tateyama one-day basic hiking route for beginners:

When you leave the Murodo Terminal, you can see the majestic mountain range in front of you and the mountain trails extend in all directions toward the top. Before you start walking, let's get water from "Tamaden no Yusui" 玉殿の湧水. Murododaira has a plentiful kinds of alpine plants. Let's walk while being healed by the flowers blooming under our feet. A little further along the cobblestone promenade leading to Oyama, you will find Tateyama Murodo Sanso on your left, and an old hut in front of it. This is the oldest mountain hut in Japan, "Tateyama Murodo 立山室堂". Along the way, there is an observation deck of "Jigokudani 地獄谷" with fuming smoke. If you go a little further, you can see the campsite of Ratorizawa where you can set up your tent and stay relax overnight here. Turn back and head for the branch towards "Mikuriga Pond". It is a superb view point where Oyama and Jodoyama mountain scene are reflected in the pond. From there, it is just a few walk to return to Murodo Terminal.