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Kochi: Five charming places for nature lovers

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Kochi prefecture is the largest prefecture located in Shikoku Region, Japan. Although it is not as well-known as Tokyo or Osaka, Kochi is a popular destination in spring for domestic tourists because of its natural abundance. This is where you can enjoy the superb view of the sea submerged in a miracle blue with flower blossoms over a vast area. Here are 5 hidden places with the blessing of nature that attract me the most:

  1. 柏島 (Kashiwajima)

This a small island that connects Shikoku mainland by 2 bridges. The island is surrounded by beautiful clear beaches where swimming and scuba diving are the most popular activities. You can observe the whole scene of the offshore island from the observation deck.


ーBy JR:From Kochi station, take express train to the final stop 宿毛駅 (Sukumo station) 3 hours--> Take the Kochi Southwest Bus (1300yen/one way) from Sukumo station to ふれあいパーク大月 (Fureaipaku ootsuki), get off here and transfer to bus bound for Kashwajima

ーBy taxi from Sukumo Station (appro. 7000yen)