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One day around Kyoto from Osaka with small budget

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Can you believe that with 3000 yen, you can visit the most beautiful destinations in Kyoto from Osaka? Enchanted Kyoto is renowned all over the world for many ancient architectures and buildings. There are a lot of places with natural beauty in harmony with artificial buildings such as temples and shrines. Here is the list of spots in order that you can visit within one day departing from Tennoji station, Osaka and the entire travel expenses cost no more than 5000 yen.

Nagaoka Tenmangu

Nagaoka Tenmangu is obscure but unique for its Tsutsuji (Azalea) blossom in May. Many photographers are intrigued by the arrays of breath-taking deep red Azalea along the entrance path in the early May. If you want some hundred-like photos, this is definitely the best place to start out if you visit Kyoto in early May.

There are small ponds reflecting floating wooden houses on both sides with an old temple looming at the end of the walking path. The entry is free of charge. The nearest station is Nagaokatenjin which can be reached easily from Umeda station with only 380 yen (using Kyoto Kawaramachi Line with no transfer).